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Bracelets for the Modern Person

Posted by on Jun 8, 2016 in accessories | Comments Off on Bracelets for the Modern Person

Bracelets for the Modern Person

Bracelets have been a part of jewelry worn by men and women for centuries. Along with necklaces, earrings, arm bands, waist bands, bangles, and many other items that have been worn on different parts of the body to beautify it. Bracelets are still a favorite jewelry item these days.  Just as necklaces are for necks and earrings are for ears, the bracelet is worn on the wrist to make it beautiful. Modern women sometimes wear a bracelet on one wrist to compliment a wrist watch.  In the early days, soldiers used to wear bracelets on both wrists to protect them while fighting.  Sword fighting bracelets can be bought in antic stores now days.
Other than using a bracelet to enhance the beauty of the body, a bracelet is used for other purposes also. Archers use leather bracelets on the wrists to prevent injury from the bow string. Sometimes people wear bracelets as magical charms while few use them for providing medical information about allergies, as identification tags for patients and babies and so on. Bracelets known as anklets can be worn on the ankles also, while boot bracelets are used to decorate boots. Sometimes hand-cuffs are referred to as bracelets. Bracelets are decorated with gemstones, pearls, and other items that enhance their appearance.

Gold will last forever!

Egyptians living hundreds of years ago used to wear bracelets jewelry which has become famous throughout the ages. Bracelets get made from different materials such as gold, silver, wood, cloth, plastic, glass or stone. Gold and silver are mostly used to make bracelets as an equal part of a jewelry set. Even while using these precious metals, a bracelet can have different forms and attachments. People wear bracelets made from leather as a sign of fashion and style.

Gold is one of the most used materials in the construction of bracelets, especially for jewelry items. Wearing a bracelet made of gold to a social event is every woman’s dream. Often the full complement of golden jewelry remains incomplete for the lack of a matching bracelet. Leaving the wrists empty while there is a jewelry item to adorn every other part of the body than the wrist is just unimaginable. The bracelet can be a thin string with a small pendant attached to it, or it can be a thick piece covering most of the wrist. It gets made of braids; it can be in the form of a thin chain, or it can be a string of golden beads.

Egyptian Bracelet

Flexibility and design

The number of designs available in the market for bracelets made of gold is quite large. Bracelets made from silver are not to be left behind. They might do not have as much use as their golden counterparts but they are still popular.  A bracelet made from silver is worn when other jewelry items too are made from silver. A jewelry set does not contain a mixture of articles made from gold and silver though you may have all the jewelry items belonging to a set made from a combination of both these metals. Golden jewelry items gilded with silver looks exquisite but are rare nowadays.
Many times people like to wear bracelets which are neither made from gold or silver. Then bracelets made from other materials like plastic, cloth, stone or leather comes in very handy. Out of all the materials, leather is the best material that used for a bracelet. These bracelets may be made from a wide piece of soft leather or can be a thin and long piece of soft leather that gets worn around the wrist. Various types of leather bracelets are available in the market for you to choose from as per your taste and style.




The advantage of a bracelet made from a long and thin leather strap is that it gets worn around the wrist.  This method allows for different ways to make different kinds of the designs. It can be wound just like a spring on the wrist, or it can be wound crossways to form a braid-like design. It can cover  the wrist or half of the arm starting from the wrist. The leather wrap bracelet is made of soft leather so that it does not chaff the skin or cause any discomfort.  It does not fall off as buckles are provided to hold the ends in place. The color of the leather can be black or brown.  The fasteners can be of nickel or brass.
It’s not made from any costly material which makes you worry about being stolen. On the other hand, the leather wrap bracelet enhances the appearance of the wrist and looks very chic with different kinds of apparel. Bracelets do not limit the kinds of clothes that you can wear.  It can be excellent looking with casual clothes irrespective of whether.  It does not matter if you are wearing dresses, shirts, and trousers or a pair of jeans. The bracelet is just right for young people who want to have rougher outdoors look.

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