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Spanish for kids

Spanish for kids

Learning a foreign language can be a daunting task for every individual, especially if there is a factor of old age and lack of confidence which comes with years. Anyway, it is well known that those who speak several languages find jobs much easier, gain friends quickly no matter where in the world, and those people are far more open minded in every aspect of life. The best time for one to start learning a foreign language is while it’s still a child, because child’s brain is in the state of continuous information intake, and more important, that information intake is for life. A modern approach to language learning has a scientific basis which is contributed by many sciences and disciplines, among which the most important are philology, psychology, and pedagogy. Why pedagogy? As we said, the best time to learn a foreign language is while we are kids.

Spanish is the fourth most common language in the world! Knowing it allows you to speak with over 420 millions of people who find that language as their native. English is “only” 2 places better positioned on the list with 90 million more people that speak it as native language. The first one is Mandarin (Chinese) of course. So, in this time of globalization, you need to be aware that English is almost must know language, and many people who want to outstand from the crowd decide to learn at least one more language, so Spanish, for the reason written above, is one of the most logic language to choose. If you are “old” generation, you can still live and survive without knowing any other language but English, but you must know that your children are the next generation – the advanced generation. They will have to learn at least one, and preferably up to several foreign languages in order to keep up with the globalization process. The wise first choice for your children is certainly Spanish.

booksModern schools of foreign languages offer Spanish language programs for children aged four years and up. The concept of learning Spanish for kids is especially suited and designed for their age, so that children learn through games, songs, acting  and they master the material surprisingly quickly, because everything connected with conversation and games gets to their brain easier and they understand it faster. We believe that the best way to learn Spanish is through playing and spontaneous conversation, and many foreign language schools point it out directly on classes. Topics and other materials are carefully chosen so the children can learn the Spanish language in an interesting and entertaining way.

communiqua-language-TrainingThere are also many Spanish lessons for kids available online, provided by schools of foreign languages that are suitable for children that are even under the age of 3-4 years. It is a good basis for your children if you plan to enable them learning Spanish after reaching the fourth year. You probably have heard a lot stories about children that have learned foreign language basics just by watching cartoons in Spanish or German etc. It is not a myth, but you can’t expect that your child learns to speak Spanish fluently just by watching those cartoons. Still, it is proven to be a very good foundation for next steps in researching and learning it, just because it is not absolutely strange to your child when it first meets with Spanish lessons for kids in real foreign language school.


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